the heating in the north

For some, the Winter time can be a lovely time of year. With the air being crisp, frosty and full of snow over the ground, it’s constantly a comforting thing to see. I still remember how the people I was with and I opted to go visit some of our friends that live up North. The whole family was thrilled about the trip, as they were going to be seeing snow for the first time – myself included! So in the car we went, trekking along the highway as the people I was with and I admired the sights on the way. Having to put the heater on on as we got further up North, our group finally made it to this friends’ house before sundown. As soon as the people I was with and I walked in, there was something amiss about the situation. My friend and his wife were both wearing jackets and gloves indoors. How strange is that? Well, it turned out that the gas furnace had stopped working that week, and they heard noises coming from the basement where the heating system was kept. He couldn’t figure out the problem with the furnace, so my friend called an HVAC service technician to come visit and look over the thing. It’s no joke, when the gas furnace goes out in the Winter time, things cool down fast! Before you can even acknowledge it, the pipes are getting frozen over. The HVAC repair technician got straight to work in the basement, getting the furnace back up to speed. They were down there for a short period of time looking at things, before climbing the stairs and explaining that the furnace simply had run out of fuel. Since the pilot lot got shut off in turn, the service technician refilled it as well as reignited the pilot light.