The heavy cooling at his place

I met a wonderful person online through a dating website, and we have been seeing each other now for quite a while, and we really dig each other more than ever. Both of us have been getting along really well also and I feel as if I may be already and very quickly falling in love with him. However, I still haven’t’ let him come over to my up-to-date brand new home plus I haven’t been to his recent home he just bought and has been talking a lot about lately. I believe it is time to go over to his place so I can see what it is like. He told me he would make me dinner at his brand new home he has been highly talking about later this week plus I agreed, and when I walked in the door the first thing I noticed was how clean it was in his brand new home. I was easily glad to see that he cared about what his brand new home looked love when I came over. However, one thing did come up to me but not in a nice way. It was how cold it was when I walked in. I was glad I brought a sweater because he had the air conditioning system blasting super high. It was cold and freezing plus I believe he noticed me shivering… Thankfully, he turned up the temperature on the temperature control thermostat on the wall right away. I easily hope that he doesn’t typically have the air conditioning system blasting like that!

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