The home is older so we need high velocity

When my hubby plus I bought an older home, both of us had some issues with temperature control.  The former owners were getting by with area furnaces plus portable cooling units. These units were ugly, inefficient plus not totally effective during drastic weather.  My hubby plus I wanted to retrofit a whole home Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C system. Unfortunately, dealing with an older home, both of us had some challenges to overcome.  The walls are constructed of plaster plus lathe which would be a huge mess plus expense to tear down for the sake of installing HVAC duct. Plus, the walls were built with the studs turned sideways to acquire more living space.  The slim walls won’t accommodate conventional sized HVAC duct. My hubby plus I upset that both of us would be unable to install a whole-home forced air heating plus cooling system. The two of us consulted with a local Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C contractor, who told us about high-velocity systems, which are ideal for retrofitting into existing homes.  This innovative technology draws tepid or cold air from either a heat pump or compressor outside the home plus sends it into a high-velocity air handler. Super huge vents, the system features multiple-inch, flexible tubing. The handler pushes the heated or cooled air through the tubing with a tremendous amount of pressure. The vents that supply the conditioned air to the several room are round, only more than 2 inches in diameter plus unobtrusive.  Because the air circulates entirely abruptly through the living space, the room temperature raises or lowers entirely quickly. The system doesn’t need to run for long periods, uses entirely little energy plus doesn’t cost much to operate. Low bi-weekly costs plus exceptionally efficiency made a high-velocity system sound care about the perfect solution for our requirements.

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