The hospital HVAC issues

Last week I was admitted to the hospital when I had gotten pretty sick over the weekend and had woken up in the middle of the evening with a really high temperature. I found out later that day that I was going to have to spend several days in the hospital, or until my temperature came down. I tried to look at it from a positive point of view and pretend that I was on a short getaway. I had a nice and quiet room to myself as well as doctors that were waiting on me and just a few others all day long. I was in charge of the heating and cooling component in my room as well. That thing is state of the art, strong, as well as really efficient. I can have it as cold as an icecube in here in for twenty minutes and then as sizzling as a hot summertime day the next. In my apartment, I currently don’t have any heating or cooling system whatsoever at my disposal, so this was a sizzling welcome, literally. In fact, I am pretty sure that is the reason that I got sick in the first place. I live up north, so not having any type of heating during this time period is pretty dangerous to be honest. I am broke however, so I had to choose between continuing to pay my heating bill or putting food on the table for myself! My situation back home right now is just making me love this situation that much more. Perhaps as a welcome home present, our beautiful doctors will supply us patients with one of the hospital’s seasoned heating and cooling units. It can’t hurt to wish!

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