The hotel had a great pool area

When my wife and I went to the country for a wedding, we decided to stay at a really nice hotel resort.

The resort was right on the water next to the harbor.

The hotel had great reviews and a long list of amenities that included a fitness center, spa, outdoor and indoor pool, and a hot breakfast every morning. My wife and I try to get some exercise every morning before we start our day. The list of amenities made us excited to see the resort. My wife and I arrived on a Thursday afternoon and we planned to stay until Sunday. As soon as we got to the place, we decided to check out the pool area. The indoor pool area had a heated room and the temperature of the pool water was warm. The outdoor pool was much colder. One of the best parts about our stay was the indoor air quality in our room. The room had a central HVAC unit with an individual thermostat for my wife and I to control the temperature. The HVAC unit was probably brand new because it worked well. There was an individual thermostat to change the temperature in the bedroom and another thermostat to change the temperature in the living room. My wife and I enjoyed all of the amenities at the hotel and we slept very well at night. The wedding was a wonderful event and the bride and groom looked lovely. The food was tasty and the music was good too. We all had a great time at the party.



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