The hotel is beautiful

The other afternoon when I went out to eat with some friends it was a hassle. When you first walked in the place you instantaneously felt the cold a/c hit your face, however, the further back every one of us walked to our table the hotter it got. It felt like there was no a/c in the back room where we were sitting. When I say there was no a/c, I mean before we could even order our food we were dripping with sweat! No one prefers to eat when they are hot. I feel I lost my appetite when I get too hot. I understand they were maybe fixing the a/c and trying to replace it, but a/c is extremely important and they should make sure that they have a/c throughout the whole building. I wasn’t the only one hot. It was everyone in our get-together that was complaining as well. We asked to speak to the director and told them it just too tepid hot to be in the back and trying to eat. We asked to be moved to another seating space that had a fan or a/c; Unfortunately, the restaurant was already overcrowded and didn’t have any room to move us somewhere else. We had no option but to leave and find somewhere else to eat that did have a/c. It was just too tepid hot in that space to even think about food much less try and eat. It was a bad time all around.

indoor comfort