The house a/c plan

In all my years of being a man, I’ve never once had a less cooperative appliance under my care than my home’s cooling system system, but I don’t know what I ever did to it for me to be constantly dealing with the system chopping down on me left and right, although I wish I could make it stop! One week, the cooling system system will be fighting hard to circulate air at all; The next week, the air blower for the system will be plugged, even though the air filter is one hundred percent clean! It’s always something with this busted old equipment, and I’ve had enough to last thirty years! That’s why I’m consulting with my official heating and a/c maintenance guy, and seeing if he’s got any genius ideas for a replacement cooling system system. I’m willing to try anything at this point, because this system I have now is costing me more than a expensive system would cost per month and it isn’t even doing a decent job of cooling the living space! My Heating and A/C specialist has told me to look into several possible alternatives before we I meet up just to see what I think of them. The first is an evaporative cooling system, which utilizes moist cooling pads to circulate warm outside air into the home. This isn’t a awful choice, since I reside in a temperature that’s pretty warm and dry most of the year. The other option he recommended I research is a ductless mini-split system, which is nothing more than an outdoor air condenser and evaporator, and an indoor air handler. The system is ductless, as the name implies, and works very well to heat and cool small spaces! I felt it was redundant to have my perfectly normal gas furnace and the ductless mini-split unit for heating options during the winter. My Heating and A/C specialist said I could uninstall and sell off my gas furnace and use the ductless mini-split unit for both heating and cooling my lake condo instead. I think that’s a pretty fantastic method. With that being said, I could get rid of the HVAC duct in my home, and thus remove a major source of outside dirt and debris!

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