The house needs a lot of work

One of the saddest parts of life is honestly watching the decline of your friends and family as you all grow older together. It’s poor to look at your friends and realize that they aren’t the humans they once were, and neither are you, if you’re being tolerable with yourself. It’s even worse to beginning losing your closest associates in life to death and disease… and surely the most traumatic situation is when your own parents begin to go downhill. I know that my mother has been losing it for a number of years at this point. I should be clear, he is perfectly healthy, but his brain is a crazy locale. That’s why I occasionally have to take matters into my own hands and repair problems for her, such as getting his Heating, Ventilation and A/C method repaired last summer. It came to my attention that my mom had been residing without functional a/c for most of the summertime when my sibling called and reported how hot and humid his entire current home felt. He said that he had box fans set up in every corner, but they were just blowing humid air around instead of providing any ventilation or relief. When I confronted his about the subpar indoor air quality, he sighed and told me he was finally working on the A/C unit herself. She said he had been watching YouTube videos to learn how to service the cooling system, but it wasn’t going so well. I knew that he would never give up his A/C service tactic, so instead of arguing I asked my sibling to take his out to supper 1 afternoon. While he was gone, I had an Heating, Ventilation and A/C contractor sneak over and work on his cooling method covertly. Whenever he returned and felt the cool, fresh air in his home, he proudly turned and told my sibling “I told you I would repair it.”