The humidity in here is an issue

Ever since I was little, in all of the places I’ve lived, we have NEVER had A/C of any kind. A lot of times that seems strange to folks. People in my area live and breathe by their air conditioning, but to me it’s just an added expense. We only get so much summer weather. In fact, the majority of the year here is spent buried under freezing snow and ice. I would think that people would have more of an appreciation of the heat, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Luckily, my husband is just like me. He grew up in a much warmer climate, actually, than I did. We both enjoy the summer weather here. We drink it right up so that when winter rolls around (and sinks its frigid claws into everything) we feel like we’ve had a good soak in the sun by then. It kind of gets us ready for that weather in a way. The fireplace and the hot cocoa and all those wintry good things seem much more attractive. Even the heating system running for the first few times of the year is exciting in a certain way. Maybe we’re just positive people. I think many of our neighbors (who do have A/C in for the whole summer) don’t even really think about the heating and cooling of their homes at all. Now THAT is strange to me! I wouldn’t want to be wasting my budget on something I don’t need. Obviously in the winter we need a heating system. The temp gets down into the negative numbers. But we do fine in the summer without any kind of A/C at all! That’s just how we are I guess.  

cooling system