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My child wanted a pet for her upcoming birthday.  I had avoided this topic for as long as I could. Like most youngsters her age, our little girl was an critter lover.  It didn’t matter what type or where our family saw it. She loved cats, dogs, lizards and squirrels. In fact, she is so comfortable with critters that she had the patience to get a squirrel to eat from her hand at a park on afternoon.  So I couldn’t deny her the option to care about her own pet. Besides making sure that she would be responsible to feed, clean and take care of whatever pet I decided to get her, I also wanted to know how the pet hair and dandruff would affect our heating and A/C system.   I learned from our heating and A/C repair person that even if our pet has short hair, their fur and dander could build up in the air filters. This is because the cooling system sucks up air in the house when it, or the gas furnace, blows air throughout the house. If our house is filled with pet hair, critter dander or even other contaminants, they could accumulate on the filter and end up clogging it.  When an air filter is jammed, it forces the heating and A/C system to task harder to produce heated or cool air. Of course, when the system has to task harder because of inefficient parts, it pulls more electricity and increases our utility bill. I thought long and strenuous about this decision and how it may affect our heating and A/C system. Besides having an effective way to handle the pet hair and dandruff floating around the home, I had to have a preventive program for maintaining the heating and A/C system.  The heating and A/C repair specialist suggested that I change our air filter monthly on a correct schedule and invest in a whole-home air purifier.

A/C maintenance