The HVAC company was a lifesaver

My father was totally depressed over losing his job.

The company he spent his entire life at was recently purchased out by a venture capital group.

They bled what was left with immediate cutbacks in addition to layoffs before eventually liquidating all assets and leaving it to die in bankruptcy. My father not only lost his job, but he lost his dignity and his pension. He was too old to get another job and too young to retire. People are saying the economy is doing well and the stock market is on the rise…The people who are always shielded from economic adversity would look at the stock market and stop there when asked to evaluate how well the country is doing. They don’t think about the health and welfare of the people who are always at risk of economic loss. These people are barely holding on as they desperately try to stay afloat until they find a job or can get retirement.. My parents can’t afford their bills now, let alone purchase a new air conditioner that they desperately need. Two weeks ago, their old AC unit after 20 years. The only way they can get a new HVAC system is through a payment program that a local HVAC company offers on installations. There is a 5% interest charge on each payment, despite the fact that I guess they could do much worse. Then again, if the people in power wanted anything but sustained wealth and total suppression, maybe more people like our parents wouldn’t be losing their pensions, jobs, and livelihoods. Maybe these people could afford basic necessities like food, shelter, and HVAC systems without relying on credit.

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