The HVAC in good condition

Most of our friends hate the strong work ethic I express when I’m wearing my professional hat, though that’s because work always comes first. See, I have been working for the same heating in addition to a/c repair company for three years, and I’m hoping to receive a promotion soon! I have been working on heating and a/c repairs and installations for the past few years now, so I firmly believe I’ve learned all there is to know. I want to learn more about the management side of the heating in addition to a/c business, and maybe even become an assistant manager for my boss just to learn the ropes. Since I’m trying to earn a management level position, I’ve been accepting every extra little task that comes down the pipeline. Last weekend was a clear cut example of this work ethic, as my friends and I were supposed to drive into the town and watch a concert. We were all set to see these bands we hadn’t seen in years, and that’s of course when the boss man asked if I could consult on a commercial heating and a/c system upgrade at this office building downtown. This was a huge opportunity to prove myself! I said yes, of course, forgetting all about my friends and the concert. My friends were very angry with me for weeks, but I tried my best to explain how much I wanted that promotion. I’m tired of always working on heating and a/c upgrades, and it’s high time I move into an office position where I can make big decisions and call the shots!