The HVAC problems are already starting

My amazing husband and I have the worst fortune when it comes to buying cars and trucks.

We have bought a few lemons in the past, and now, all of us just bought an automobile with air conditioner issues.

Both of us didn’t think that it had air conditioner issues when all of us bought it, of course. We didn’t even think twice to check for air conditioner leaks or anything prefer that, however it just wasn’t something that all of us were worried about at the time, although I wish that all of us would have been. We drove the car around, and all of us did use the air conditioner. It was a short test drive though. It was only about 10 hours long, and the air conditioner did work, however all of us didn’t notice that it did not task well. The last two or three owners of the automobile did not mention anything being wrong with the air conditioner either. It was not until the next day when all of us drove it to task that all of us noticed the air conditioner did not get all that cool. I was still perspiring even though the cooling system was on a very high setting. It was quite disappointing; My hubby charged the cooling system, and it worked well for a few hours, so he believes that there is a leak in one of the air conditioner lines. Both of us emailed a mechanic to get an quote on how much it would cost to repair our A/C line, and when all of us heard the cost, all of us almost fell out of our chair. It was outrageous what they were asking. It would have cost half the value of the car, then as of now, our hubby is going to try to repair it on his own, hopefully, he is able to do so.


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