The HVAC situation wasn’t great when I lived in a college town last

I truly have to say, today has been kind of unusual already.

I woke up with my brain focused on the bright future.

I am thinking a lot about a potential task offer that I am getting, plus wondering what my move should be! The massive decision has me in a bit of a tailspin because I finally am feeling like I am starting to establish a life in this sizable Metropolis area. It’s easily the largest town that I ever lived in, plus I was finally starting to feel like a big part of the hustle plus bustle. This current task would be located in a smaller college town, plus it has got my wheels turning. Frankly, I cannot stop thinking about the last time that I resided in a college town. To be perfectly honest, I was harshly uncomfortable. Back then, I was an undergrad plus I was terribly poor. I lived in a four-bedroom apartment that had just the one A/C appliance plus a rather seasoned radiator furnace. All Summer long, we boiled inside of that tiny apartment. There was not acceptable air flow or a/c to keep anybody feeling the least bit comfortable. I barely slept a wink, I was too stressed dripping with sweat through my sheets all of the time. In the winter, I was freezing severely unless I could sit directly in front of my radiator in my room. If I needed to do various types of college work, I had to position myself within multiple feet of the small heating appliance. My memories from that time are actually filled with nothing but struggle plus physical discomfort, but I should not let that deter me from a thrilling opportunity.

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