The HVAC System In Camper Is Amazing

One of the best purchases my husband and I made during the past year was our new camper.

We have always enjoyed camping together, but when we had our first child, we knew we wanted to upgrade from our tent to an actual camper.

We thought we paid our dues by experiencing a “dry” campaign for so many years, so we were excited to transition into something more comfortable. The feature we were most excited about in our new camper was the HVAC system. My husband and I wanted to keep our child as comfortable as possible while we camped, which meant an HVAC system was essential. We didn’t want to worry about the heat during the summer months or the chill from the summer months, and the HVAC system would give us that. Our camper is a moderate size, so there’s only one HVAC unit for the entire space. We weren’t sure how well this would hold up during extreme temperatures, but so far, it’s been wonderful. There’s a digital thermostat on the wall that controls the settings and it’s super easy to use. There are two air vents in the bedroom, four in the main living and kitchen space, and one in the bathroom. Each air vent can be opened or closed for optimal air flow, and you can change the direction the air is headed. Our new camper is wonderful, but the HVAC system has completely changed the way we camp! We’re so much more comfortable now.

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