The HVAC will not keep me away

I was listening to some people the other day, as they were knocking this restaurant because of the HVAC.

They talked about how delicious the food was and that the wait staff was phenomenal.

They said that the restaurant was clean and the atmosphere was stellar. They also said it was too cool and his wife needed to wear a sweater all night long. I can’t understand that mentality. If you love the food, and the restaurant is too cool, then take a jacket with you. I could probably get a bit upset if it was 95 degrees outside with 100% humidity, and there wasn’t any air conditioning. Go home and try the restaurant another time, or eat quickly. I would give the same advice to someone who complained about the air conditioning being too cool. Maybe the first time was a fluke. I think the food is the most important part of the dining experience. If the wait staff is fantastic and the atmosphere is all you expect, then you can’t let a bauble like the heating or air conditioning, to take away from that experience. I have friends that argue with me on this point, but it is how I feel. What would bother me more than the HVAC, is if the food is mediocre and the HVAC is horrible. I am not going to return to a restaurant no matter how good the HVAC is, if the food and staff doesn’t stack up to my expectations. If you have terrible food, I am out of there, and that is not a joke.

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