The ideal gas fireplace

One of the things I love about most about our home is the fireplace. When we purchased this place last year, my wife agreed that the fireplace was actually appealing and we both couldn’t wait to use it! When we reached the Winter season months, we were stocked up with a good deal of firewood so we would be able to use our fireplace almost every night. We actually did, too, and we would reserve the days to spend together and oftentimes we even ate our dinner in front of the fireplace! The gas oil furnace worked good too to keep the entire household nice and toasty, but when we were enjoying the fireplace, we would lower the temperature control settings a bit, this made it so the fireplace was the main source of heat, and it was fantastic! Even now that it has been getting warmer, I still want to use the fireplace, but we can only do this on the frigid days. We don’t want to overheat the home with the fireplace going, and it’s a shame because we enjoy it so much! I truthfully would like to crank up the cooling system just so that we can use the fireplace! Of course, when I told my wife that, she thought I was certainly nuts! She could see where I was coming from because the fireplace was actually nice to use, even though she had to tell me that wasn’t a smart idea because the utility bills would go up. I ultimately had to agree with my wife that it would be foolish to do something appreciate that.