The importance of having your AC in top shape

Working as a nanny was a great way of earning enough money to go to university, and I had not landed any of the scholarships I applied for.

  • What’s more, my parents couldn’t afford to cover all my expenses, but so, I went to university while I was in the day and worked as a nanny in the day plus evening, then one day, I had a current client.

She had moved into a house that was vacant for a long time in the town. She got my number & called for a babysitter for her kids several times a week. I was happy to help and the first week was great. Unfortunately this lasted only the first week as the other weeks were however so awful as the A/C wasn’t blowing enough cool air into the house. It was so uncomfortable since it was Summer. In the evening, it was still tepid plus humid, which affected the boys’ sleeping patterns. She kept promising to call an A/C serviceman to come plus repair it. But she never did. The guys were constantly asking to take a dip in the tub, which was the easiest way to keep them cool. After some time, they began to fall ill. I suspected there were bad indoor air pollen levels plus high humidity levels. When she took them to the hospital, the nurse inquired about the air conditioner in her home. She had to admit that the A/C was faulty. The nurse informed her she needed to call an aircon expert to the house! Lack of standard air ventilation would continue to harm the family’s health. The next day, she called the HVAC repair plus maintenance crew to her home. They came plus fixed the faulty HVAC unit, much to our relief. The boys’ health got better, and we continued to enjoy spending time with one another. There were no more concerns with the central heating plus cooling unit.



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