The in one humidity control

My wife and I enjoy to play golf! I never thought I would meet another lady who appreciated a round on the course and knew how to have fun with the game, but I did – and I married them! My wife is the more skilled player though. I’ve been playing the game since I was six, but not always, and undoubtedly not always well! Still, I have fun, as long as we aren’t playing a round while some bad heatwave is running through town. That’s the surest way to make sure that I will be irritated, hot and uncomfortable! Well, my wife the all-star surprised me for my birthday this year, and presented me with a portable cool misting fan! This was like having a cooling system and a humidifier rolled into one, and in a portable design that could definitely come with me on the go! This unit was perfect, as I could attach it to the side of the golf cart and aim it directly at me to stay cool and comfortable through the entire round. On a hot Summer day, a four hour game on the course can be exhausting in this heat, Now, I had the perfect tool to keep cool through the entire game! I think my wife has grown to regret getting me this portable misting fan as a gift, because my golf game has  improved since I got it. Now that I’m not suffering from heat exhaustion mid-way through the game, I can continue with an excellent performance and even give her a run for her money! The only thing that could top this fan is a real air conditioner, but that’s pretty difficult to find in a portable design that fits in a golf-cart. That is, unless my wife finds a golf-cart equipped with A/C. Wouldn’t that be something?

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