The indoor air quality was stuffy

There was a birthday party for a little girl who went to our church last Sunday. It was such an adorable way to celebrate her birthday. The party had the theme of ponies and the old west. The favors were themed the same as the party, and all of the kids wore cowboy hats. Everyone was in love with all of the activities they had to offer. The biggest hit of the day was the pony rides. The family knew a man who owned a pony and rented it out on weekends for some extra money. It was all going so well until the rain came in. Everybody made a beeline for the house. The kids were sad to see the pony go. The adults were sad because the air quality in the house was absolutely terrible. The minute we all walked into the house, it was immediately apparent that something was wrong with the family’s HVAC equipment. The air coming through the vents wasn’t feeling very fresh. It felt stagnant and stuffy inside, especially with all of the people. Once the rain started cooling the weather off outside, it started feeling cold and damp in the house as well. I was tempted to ask if they had their HVAC equipment checked recently. I knew it would sound rude no matter how I brought it up, so I decided against it. My question was answered in a matter of minutes, though. The birthday girl’s mom snuck over to me to ask if I knew of any good HVAC companies in the area. They were apparently searching for an HVAC upgrade.