The joy of drawing

I really love to be a freelance artist in my spare time. I actually did go to school for both drawing and painting, but I never graduated as I ended up going another rout in life with my career. However, I am on the level of a professional, so I do custom drawings in my spare time. When I do my drawings, one of the major most important things is that I have my relaxing jazz music on in the background, and that I have my heating and cooling system on the lowest setting. And that would be set to the air conditioning setting. The best part is, I can control it from where I am drawing with my smart thermostat. A smart thermostat allows you to set the temperature in the room with the punch of a few buttons on an app on your Iphone. I personally enjoy this a lot. Doing this has me completely in control of the room’s air quality and temperature. Even if it is the dead middle of the wintertime months, I still need to have that heating and cooling system turned on the lowest setting to the air conditioning. There is something about that air conditioning that just gets my creative juices flowing strong. Without it, I can not be as creative. One time, when my HVAC system was not working, I tried drawing without it, and it was the worst drawing I ever made! Thankfully it was not for a client, or I would have been in serious trouble! This is why my smart thermostat and a working air conditioner is a must for what I do!