The Kids Ripped Up Some Very Expensive Air Filters While I Was Babysitting

My neighbors had asked myself and others to watch over her kids one day when she had to be gone longer than usual at her task.

Don’t get myself and others wrong, I do enjoy kids, but sporadically they can be very hard to deal with.

This is one reason I do not have any kids of our own. But, I do not mind watching other people’s kids sometimes. This day I had to babysit for our neighbor the kids did some drastic injuries to the beach house when I wasn’t looking! It seemed they had sneaked into our neighbor’s heating plus a/c’s place where the cooling system filter is stored at. They removed the cooling system filter plus used it as a slippery mat to skate across the carpet with! My next door neighbor bought pretty pricey cooling system filters because she prefers to have the highest possible air quality without an air cleaner. This was not our fault as these kids were so sneaky! But, I was trying to figure out how I was going to tell our neighbor that the kids destroyed one of her legitimately pricey cooling system filters! So, after yelling at the kids plus getting them to calm down a bit, I had a look around the house. I got real lucky when I found that she had 6 or 7 spare cooling system filters in her closet. I took one out plus replaced the torn up cooling system filters the kids had disfigured. When our neighbor got beach beach house I told her what happened plus told her I was sorry; She laughed plus said it happens all the time. This is why she already had so many cooling system filters in the closet!

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