The kind of air conditioner you need in the desert

You think you know what hot is, and then you go out to the desert and find out how little you really know. The heat out there in the southwest corner of the country is on another level then I have ever dealt with. It isn’t sticky and damp, not that kind of heat at all, instead it is bone dry, with hot winds that literally suck the moisture from your body. I was out of doors in the sun for less than an hour and started getting dizzy from dehydration. I don’t know about you but I will take a wet heat over this mess any day of the week. This heat is even more resistant to air conditioning than normal, too. I know that sounds ridiculous, it is not that the air is resistant to cooling systems, it’s just that one little crack in the insulation will let all that cooling out like the air from a balloon. We have to make sure the insulation in the walls and ceiling are thickly laid, and all the windows and doors are sealed up tight to prevent any natural ventilation. Fresh air is usually a good thing, except for in a desert summer, when the air quality is too hot and dry to handle. Maybe late at night, when a wave of natural cooling has swept over the desert sands, you can open up the house to air things out. During the day, you can do nothing but crank up the AC and secure your home against the outside world.