The lack of AC was causing some issues

I remember one day that my dad threw his gloves on the dash and it meant business.

I knew from the look in his eyes I had actually done it this time. My dad picked up his gloves and then threw them again. I was absolutely going to get yelled at now. My dad slapped his hands together and opened his mouth. He stopped just as quick as he started. My father than ran back to the house. At 53 my dad was getting up there, he didn’t know so but the graying hair said otherwise. I spun around to just catch a glimpse of the air conditioner worker driving across the road and was after my dad in an instant. This was our fourth night without a cooling system plus somehow nighttime was the best. I was used to dripping with sweat due to the sun coming in. At night I enjoyed the cool air of our component. But sometimes it would turn off randomly. The sound of it shutting off was a horrible one. My dad met the maintenance woman with a big hug plus rushed him to the problematic AC unit. The worker and my dad hung around the component after the job was completed for a chat about something. After it was all over, my dad gazed at me plus I remembered the trouble I was in. I was thankful to at least have quality cooling in the house for once. Even if I was grounded, I would be able to enjoy quality cooling during my punishment.

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