The lack of heating

Have ever seen ‘A Christmas Story’ about the little boy whose parents were consistently telling him that if he got a BB gun he would shoot his eye out?  If you have, then you remember the scene where the neighbor stuck his tongue on the flag poles. His tongue got stuck and they had to call the fire company.  Now I know that the heat of your body would have allowed it to release after a while. At the time, it was really funny, and everyone my age would be able to relate.  I’m sure at 1 time or another, every 1 of us have touched something freezing with damp fingers, and it stuck to us. I remember my sibling enjoying that film, and he thought that maybe if he stuck his tongue to the freezing window, it would stick.  His idea was that he could get out of school. Every one of us all knew he was weird, however this took the cake. I called mom and pointed at my sibling, who was older than I. She swatted his back side and told him to go to school. He couldn’t figure out why he didn’t know him.  I told him the oil furnace was on and the house was warm. The heat was too much to make him stick. He denies doing that now, although I remember it. My own child decided to try that 1 afternoon. The oil furnace was absolutely working well and our house was warm. He still thought that it would be funny to try to get stuck to the freezing window.  I swatted his butt and sent him to school

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