The lady backed up into my work truck

On Friday afternoon, I was working at an apartment building.

I was installing a brand new 3 ton HVAC unit.

Most of the time with repairs, the maintenance team at the apartment complex handles things. Once in a while they are really busy and need help with an installation job. The installation jobs require a lot more time and energy. Sometimes it can take all day to install a new HVAC unit. I was helping with an HVAC installation on Friday, when an old lady hit my work truck and damaged the front end. She must have been driving 30 mph to cause that much damage with her little Honda. She tried to tell me that she was simply backing out of the parking spot, but she caused $3500 worth of damage. There’s no way she was only backing up at the time. I was inside the apartment building when the accident occurred, so I’ll never fully know the truth. We had to call the police, since I have a commercial truck. Thankfully, the police officer found the old lady at fault. Her insurance company will have to pay for all of the damages to the repair truck. My boss would have been really upset if the accident was my fault. I was in an accident last month and that one was my fault. I didn’t check left when making a turn and I hit the side of a blue car. I even had a concussion after the accident. At least I wasn’t in the truck when it was damaged this time.

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