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College was one of the greatest experiences of my life, and at times, I wish that I could return to those great days. One of the the things that made college such an enjoyable experience for me was the roomates in my dorm. They helped me come out of my shell and I was with them until I graduated. I literally had the best roommates I could ask for. They were so kind to me, and we got along famously. All three of us worked at the same local diner, so we hardly ever went a day without seeing one another. I can’t remember any real conflict between us. To this day, all three of us still catch up now and then. There is one thing that we all remember not so fondly though, and that was the the temperature of the dorm. We weren’t allowed to adjust the thermostat, so keeping warm was a great challenge. It felt like an icebox in our dorm room, and Winter nights were brutal. All of us bought extra blankets and invested in a small electric heater to try and keep the room warm enough through the night. It was crazy to me that they wouldn’t turn the temperature up in the dorm because I don’t remember a single girl that didn’t beg them to. Although it was a struggle, we were able to keep the room at a comfortable temperature as best as we could. College was a blast, but it’s nice to be able to control my own thermostat now.

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