The last summer game i went to

Do not get me wrong, I love going to all sporting events.

And I have loved this since I was a child.

However, what has got to me is going to outdoor sporting events in the summer. I will never be doing that again after the last baseball game I went to on a hot summer day. I don’t know how the players can even play the game without killing themselves in the horrible heat! You have no air conditioning and you are at the mercy of the hot sun and stuffy climate. If these games were played indoors it would not be an issue. But being an outdoor venue and sport, forget it! I need nothing more than quality air conditioning on hot summer days. I can not live without quality air conditioning and I can not function mentally without quality air conditioning. Quality air conditioning is what makes this world go round as far as I’m concerned. That is just the way I feel about it and always have as far back as I can remember. So i will never again be going to baseball games or any kind of outdoor sporting events in the super and ultra hot summer months of the year! I will watch these games on my huge widescreen TV in the comfort of my own home and my brand new and very up to date central air conditioning system that I own and paid a whole ton of money for. Like I said, central air conditioning is what makes this world go round!


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