The last time I lived in a college town, the HVAC was terrible

I have to say, today has been pretty crazy.

I woke up with my mind focused on the future.

I’m thinking a lot about a potential job offer that I’m receiving, and wondering what the best move is for me. The sizable decision has me in a bit of a tailspin because I finally felt as though I was starting to establish a life in this major Metropolis area. It’s absolutely the biggest town that I ever resided in, and I was finally starting to feel like a part of the hustle and bustle. This modern job would be situated in a smaller college town, and it has got my wheels spinning like crazy. Frankly, I can’t stop thinking about the last time that I lived in a college town. To be even-handed it was terribly uncomfortable. Back then, I happened to be an undergrad and I was poor. I lived in a small apartment building with others that had one single air conditioner and a very aged radiator furnace. All through the summer, every one of us boiled inside of that small apartment. There was not acceptable air flow or air conditioning to keep anybody comfortable in the slightest. I barely slept much, I was too busy perspiring through my sheets every night. In the cold season, I was cold unless I could sit directly in front of my radiator in my room. If I needed to take care of school work, I had to position myself within feet of the small heating component. My memories from that time are full of struggle and physical discomfort, even though I should not let that hold me back from an exciting modern opportunity.

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