the malls and the HVAC

The south has outdoor malls as well as this is just wild to me, however being outside while shopping is care about combining my 2 favorite things, however in the north both of us are stuck inside as well as reliant on the mall’s central heating as well as air. Usually the whole mall is run on a single centralized temperature. In the Winter there is so much heating that you end up carrying your heavy coat around the mall. In the summertime the air conditioning is so much that you need to bring a coat in order to shop. Being outside at the mall is the greatest. You naturally dress for the weather anyway, then so for once you are dressed for the shopping experience. I wonder if all the stores have their own HVAC equipment… The high end stores are regularly severely air conditioned, but when I walk by I can recognize the blast of AC hit my in the legs. So does every store have a HVAC unit as well as thermostat? I wonder if it is fancy being in a southern mall than a northern a single, but renting a storefront as well as running the HVAC device is fancy. In the north I bet each store just gets a blanket HVAC bill for each week. Maybe it is better for the store to run their own though, then a store can cheap out as well as not run AC in the summer time as well as provide hardly any heating in the winter. They also could keep their door open as well as rely on the outdoor temperature to be satisfactory. There must be some research on north vs. south malls as well as their HVAC.

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