The “meat locker”

I don’t mind my job so much. I make a pretty awesome salary doing what I do, and I do find the work interesting, even if I’m staring at a computer all day long. It would honestly be kind of a bummer health-wise if I didn’t get in a good amount of exercise on the weekends by going to the gym, but that’s not such a big deal. No, the one thing that makes me detest walking into that office building every morning is that it is cooled like a meat locker. In fact, that is what me and my fellow coworkers have taken to calling it. It’s really only our part of the office building that our manager feels the need to keep cold enough to preserve meat. You can tell the difference as soon as you get off the elevator and walk into the hallway of our floor.The weirdest thing is our manager is this tall, lanky, bony guy. You would expect him to crank up the heat! His death grip handshake will freeze your soul! So if he feels so cold to the touch, why in the world does he keep the air conditioning setting so high? This question has been fodder for countless debating sessions with my coworkers. It’s honestly not that interesting a subject, but at work, it helps to get the hours passing by a little faster by speculating on whether or not he’s a cryomancer or something.The great irony is that he’s a very kind boss, and has a surprisingly likeable personality! It’s the strangest thing.

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