The minute opinion was the same as the first

My wifey called me at labor a couple of nights ago, because she thought that the AC was making a weird sound.

The two of us had someone out to the house a couple of weeks ago and they took care of the entire HVAC unit. I thought it was unlikely the problem would cause problems, but our wifey insisted that both of us call someone to help. I called the HVAC corporation that installed our system. This was the same corporation that provided the maintenance weeks ago. I told the answering maintenance that our wifey heard a weird sound and she put us on the schedule for the following day. My wifey really wanted me to stay house from labor that day, but I had a meeting with an important client early in the day. I did not know there would be a problem, and I was convinced that our wifey was hearing noises. When our wifey called me at labor later while in the day, I was surprised when she told me that the HVAC maintenance worker said both of us needed a brand modern compressor for the AC. The entire idea was only 4 years aged and it did not make sense. I suggested to talk with the worker and the house. The HVAC repair worker told me why the compressor wasn’t working. I told our wifey that both of us needed to get a minute opinion. The two of us caught a strange supplier Last year, but they provided us the exact same bad news. The two of us are going to need to upgrade the AC compressor. Now both of us are shopping around for the best price on parts and labor.


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