The new AC helped banish pollen from my home

My parents had always invested in the best equipment for our home.

We had top-of-the-line kitchen equipment in our beautiful home. I guess I was spoiled because the reality was different when I moved out. My goal was to make it on my own without relying on them. I got a job in town and moved into a small apartment that I could afford. The appliances in my kitchen weren’t fancy but made my home as comfortable as I needed it to be. One area I overlooked was the air conditioning. It wasn’t until spring that I realized I couldn’t stay without a top-quality HVAC unit in my home. Spring was the pollen season, and I had a severe allergy. My allergies started acting up, and I knew the air quality in my house was compromised. My mom got concerned by the change in my health and visited me. When she realized my AC wasn’t clearing the pollen from my house, she took matters into her own hands. She called an AC supplier and bought me a better ductless mini-split for the apartment. It was a multi-zone aircon that would improve indoor air quality. Though I had tried to protest her buying me the HVAC system, I was too affected by allergies to keep up for long. The ductless HVAC arrived at my apartment the following day, and mom called an air conditioner expert to come and install it. She wasn’t a person who loved handy jobs, so hiring an AC expert was the best solution. The air ventilation system was a wall-mounted AC with numerous beneficial features. Plus, it had an inbuilt air filtration system that would keep the air free of pollen. My mom had saved me, and I was grateful.


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