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I have a lot of geckos, chameleons, plus bullfrogs. They need a bunch of humidity in their tanks however, I wish that our home was not quite so humid.  I use little humidity removal canisters but they fill up within the week. I’ve tried placing socks filled with rice around as well however, those don’t seem to help. I called an Heating & A/C contractor, they mentioned adding a desiccant wheel to our air conditioner unit. They say a desiccant wheel is what hospitals have to keep operating rooms plus recovery rooms at lower humidities so patients can recover and not get an infection. It is, essentially, a wheel that fits within our existing air conditioner system. The wheel is made from a silica gel plus it slowly rotates inside the air handler of our Heating & A/C system.  So, it is like a humidity canister however, it works for the entire home instead of needing a separate one in every room. I am easily interested in getting a dehumidifier like this for our home. I want our pets to remain comfortable however I want to be comfortable as well. The big issue is that our air conditioner compressor is located outside of our apartment so I don’t understand if this desiccant wheel will remove the humidity from the outside air or if it will attempt to remove the humidity from our inside air as well. I don’t know that is true because I still am not sure how it actually works. I guess the best thing to do is  to have a Heating & A/C contractor come out plus look at our system to see what will fit for me.

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