The next time I get a new air conditioner I want a higher SEER rating

I had been using an old air purifier in my room for the last four years. Things didn’t start out so well as I forgot to replace the disposable filter inside the air purifier for the first two years of use. I’m surprised it didn’t fry the fan motor from having such a heavy restriction on air flow. Without wasting any time, I bought a new filter for the air purifier. This helped with my indoor air quality, but I kept finding a lot of dust on surfaces throughout my house. I called to have a heating and cooling technician inspect my home’s climate control equipment. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to get my air conditioner, furnace, air purifier, and ductwork inspected by a professional. Surprisingly enough, my old air purifier was still in good shape after I diligently cleaned it out recently. Sadly, my air conditioner wasn’t in great shape. The old machine wasn’t cooling my air as efficiently any longer and it was leaking inside the ductwork. I don’t have the money to buy a new central heating and cooling system, especially not new ductwork. If I get a new central air conditioner again, I’m going to get a machine with a higher SEER rating so it’s more powerful and energy efficient at the same time. But I’m also considering other options. I could forgo getting another central air conditioner in favor of a small network of ductless mini splits. With these heating and cooling systems, there’s an individual unit in each zone or room of your house. Zone controlled HVAC is great because there’s no leaky ductwork to worry about, and you can heat or cool each space depending on which parts of your house you use the most.



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