The nick of time

When the heating system died not so long ago, we had to resort to relying on the fireplace. The HVAC company was so backed up, they said it would be about a week before they could get a service professional over to repair our gas furnace. Well, I thought we actually had enough wood to make it through at least a week, but clearly I was wrong! When we got down to our last pile of wood, I knew that we were in trouble. I couldn’t go split a bunch of wood in the dead of the winter season! As the fireplace was finally dying, I thought we were in some serious trouble! That’s when the HVAC company called me up and said they had an HVAC worker on the way. He was there in about 30 minutes after that phone call. He seen that he was there in the nick of time because that fire was almost out in the fireplace. He worked quickly to get our gas furnace up and running again. We were so thankful when he adjusted the thermostat and cranked the heating system. It warmed up in our household within the hour and it felt fantastic! I thought we were going to be freezing for a whole extra day, but we were saved by this HVAC technician! We thanked the man profusely and offered him a tip, but he said he wasn’t allowed to accept any tips. He said he was just happy that we were alright, and he said we should stock back up on wood to have the fireplace as a backup. We were going to do just that.

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