The odd climates of the US affect your heating & cooling situation.

For those that learn from our blogs, you might have observed that our stories vary from region to region within the United States.

In multiple ways, our stories feature descriptions of physical elements, weather conditions, & many other criteria, which I can use in effort of bringing this story to life for you.

Climate varies within geographic regions & influences the ways of life for the inhabitants. For the people who reside in freezing climates, heating their homes while in Winter time is more critical than cooling. They spend a lot more attention to how they dress, heat up their cars, heat up their homes & offices, control the exterior warmth conditions for workers, etc, during the summer, a single would conclude that cooling is somehow less nuanced except for when humidity threatens health – in which case cooling is also critical. Now, for people who live in hotter climates, more attention is paid to cooling than heating. The heat naturally exists & can cause illnesses or death if not controlled by cooling whatever environment the people are in. Notice the cooling is all man-made, controlled & distributed as heating is for those that live in freezing climates. For the people who live in windy climates such as mountainous terrain, there’s far less humidity while in the summer time therefore cooling comes almost naturally however heating is vital while in the winter. It’s reversed for windy climate areas in open terrain. It’s important to note that the coastal areas are generally humid while in the summer, ergo, cooling is more critical than having heating. Now, there are multiple more scenarios where climate affects the importance of cooling and heating, people’s attitudes & livelihoods. There’s no perfect geographic zone, therefore; cooling or/and heating is an essential area of our existence.


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