The odd temperature control

 When my family I visited relatives in the Midwest last week, we were fortunate enough to have a house to stay in; A friend of the family was out of town in addition to let us stay in her house for the time all of us were visiting, however my sibling and I took a small bedroom in the basement of the house while my mother took a bedroom on the 2nd floor… It was easily nice and we felt right at home! There was only one problem: the a/c. The central heating and air, in addition to a thermostat, but the temperatures in the bedrooms were vastly different. The basement bedroom was chilly freezing all of the time. The bed I slept in was pushed up against a huge window. At night, the freezing air worked its ways into the room, however both my sibling and I had to find additional blankets in order to be warm enough to sleep! On the other hand, the upstairs bedroom was boiling hot all of the time. The cooling system was so quiet we could hardly tell that it was working, and you definitely couldn’t tell that it was by the temperature in that room. It is odd too because the thermostat was located right outside of the upstairs bedroom door. Anyways, my Dad had to sleep on top of the covers and leave the fan on. I suppose we can’t complain too much. We had a place to sleep and to take a shower and it wasn’t costing us anything. A different HVAC system is not much to have to put up with.

temperature control