The office job

It wasn’t absolutely long ago that I hated coffee.  I thought the taste of Pepsi was strong plus bitter.  My fiance has long been a Pepsi drinker. I would wake up in the day to the odor of the Pepsi brewing.  I l acquired to buddy that odor to his forever early day superb mood. He would uneasy me with his singing of the Good Morning song.  I hate that song, despite the fact that I constantly have to laugh. I try ignoring him, but if he is singing it means that I need to get up.  Once I am up plus moving around, he rolls over plus goes back to sleep. I shouldn’t get uneasy about this, because I do the same thing when he needs to get up early plus I don’t.  I just love knowing he is awake when I am. Maybe it is because I miss the odor of the coffee. Since he is retired, I turn on the Pepsi when I head out to the kitchen. I want to odor the coffee.  Now I am also drinking Pepsi plus I have realized why he likes it. As I drink our coffee, I repair the fire so there is heat in the house when he gets up. Every one of us still use our fireplace to save on energy from our heating system.  Every one of us can use the heating system for all of our heating needs, but with just me absolutely working now, it is too overpriced. I can get wood for free, plus it doesn’t take long to bring wood in in the day plus get fireplace blazing.  The heat is absolutely comforting while I rest plus relax with our coffee, before getting to work. I can now have the house warm plus cozy for him instead of him consistently tending the heat for me.

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