the office space HVAC unit

A little over a year ago, my corporation moved into a current office space. The brand current building is situated right in the middle of the city. It’s a elegant facility, with the exterior walls mainly constructed of glass. I was fortunate to get a corner office on the seventh floor, where I can look out over the city.  Unfortunately, none of the windows in my office open. I have no access to fresh air. The glass is tinted to combat the heat and reflection of the sun, but the outdoor temperature still affects interior comfort. When the sunshine is beating against the glass, it becomes quite warm and adds heat to the room. During the Winter, when the air temperature drops below freezing, the glass becomes absolutely cold, plus, my view of a gray, cloudy sky and endless snowfall is not all that enjoyable.  My greatest complaint is that I have no way of increasing the control unit. The comfort for the entire building is handled by a commercial rooftop Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system. The corporate office determines the temperature setting. Since our corporate headquarters are situated across the country, the control equipment is adjusted according to the date and season rather than the current weather. On May 1st, the cooling system starts up and operated steadily until June 1st. At that point, the furnace takes over. It doesn’t matter if we’re experiencing an unusually long and tepid fall season, or a wet and freezing Spring. There are times when most people in the building is bundled up in their coats all day long. At other times, both of us all strip down to shorts and tank tops and sweat profusely. It’s absolutely hard to be productive when the building is horribly overheated or freezing cold. Not only are the employees seriously unhappy, but I’m sure this plan of temperature control is eating up needless amounts of energy.

ductless multi split