The Office was shut down when they found mice in the HVAC duct

Once every year, our main office shuts down so they can perform repair on the building.

They usually perform these interesting tasks on the weekend, when no a single is in the office.

The crew checks out the sprinklers as well as the fire alarms. They check the ventilation plan as well as all of the Heating as well as Air Conditioning components. They also make any necessary repairs to the indoor plumbing as well as electrical outlets at that time. Unluckily, the repair contractor found some mice in our ducts this year. They had to shut down the office for an entire week, so they could hire an exterminator as well as the Heating as well as Air Conditioning contractor to complete the work. These mice made a current home inside of the HVAC duct. There were signs of little mice all over the HVAC duct. No a single knows how long the mice have been in there, but most people in the office had already been breathing air with mice excrement inside. The mice did a lot of damage to the ducts as well, as well as all of us had to spend our savings for the Heating as well as Air Conditioning contractor to repair all of the problems. Most people in the main office have no plan why all of us have been closed for the week, despite the fact that I am down in the accounting office. I am in charge of all of the accounts payable as well as receivable. I always see all of the bills, as well as I can put the pieces together. When all of us have a ton of bills to an exterminator as well as a HVAC ventilation corporation, there are no doubts in our mind why the office is closed for a week. I easily hope they clean as well as sanitize all of the buildings surfaces, especially in the cut room.

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