The oil furnace breaks down at mom’s church, and no one’s happy

My mother is an avid churchgoer.

She’s there every sunday and will sometimes even go during the week.

She has a lot of friends, who also go to that church, that she loves talking to while she’s there. Every church runs in to the same problem, the entire year it’s the same people who go to the church, like my mom. Then the winter weather brings more people in, until the holidays overpower the church in numbers and it makes it harder for my mom to meet her friends on a Sunday. At my moms church, she and her friends had to rely on an outdated oil furnace to keep them warm during services with the heavy snow and freezing temperatures. The oil furnace absolutely gave out on them, last December. Church services were going to be practically impossible without a working furnace. My moms church collected an emergency offering to get the furnace up and running. Until the oil furnace was fixed, my mom and her friends had to skip church for a week and they were devastated. Finally, when the next Sunday rolled around, the furnace was all ready to go. The new and up to date gas furnace made the church nice and toasty! There were no freezing spots or drafts, like there was with the old furnace. My mother and her friends were so happy that they could finally continue to have Sunday services throughout the rest of the Winter.

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