The old family donut shop

I grew up in a town where the family-owned donut shop, still exists.

They have been located at the corner of the block for over fifty years.

Although the new coffee shops have come and gone, their shop just keeps growing. Their quality is superb and their service is amazing. No chain donut shop can come close to the quality of pastries that this donut shop makes in store. I was only five or so when my parents took me in the donut shop for the first time. I fell for the donut shop and the donuts. Back then, the donut shop seems so big, but now it appears much smaller to me. Other than that, nothing has changed, but the family member that runs the donut shop. Even the climate control in the donut shop, is still excellent. They have always had such good air conditioner, but it didn’t take away the tantalizing aroma of baking or frying donuts. The humidity was gone and the heat was gone from the front, but the donuts still drew you in. Although our winters and the summers are mild, they still have the same excellent heating and air conditioning. I still go back to that donut shop every now and then, even though I moved away about five years ago. The memories of going in there and relaxing in the HVAC with my parents, returns when I sit there. I remember that there is nothing like sitting down with a hot cup of coffee and a couple of donuts early in the morning, and feeling the heating blow over you.
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