The old heating appliance really freaked me out

If you’re like me at all, then you actually believe in the spooky and alarming things in life… Call me nuts, however I am not convinced that aliens are actually fake.

I mean, I feel as though they’re out there.

I don’t suppose that Bigfoot is completely impossible also. I have a vested interest in the Loch Ness monster, and frankly, I actually believe that ghosts are a real phenomenon. This is why, it’s pretty simple for me to get creeped out when I spend too much time on my own, especially when the weather is cooperating and creating a horribly spooky environment. This is what happened to me the other day when I offered to cabin sit for my boss. I knew it was supposed to be stormy, so I asked him a bit of information about finding flashlights and the electrical box. He agreed that there was a good chance for a power outage, and requested that I come prepared with a small portable heating appliance in case anything went wrong. However, he didn’t mention that his indoor air temperature control equipment was essentially haunted. As the rain was pounding outside, I kept hearing all kinds of creaking and banging sounds inside. I had no idea whatsoever what could be going on, however I was getting completely creeped out every time I felt the cabin get frosty and start groaning and creaking. It felt sort of like the sounds were coming from every single room, however when I peeked inside there was nothing there. I spent the entire time entirely sleepless. I was ecstatic that I never lost power or heat, however unhappy about the ghosts that I was dealing with. When my boss returned, I mentioned the weird sounds to him. That’s when he explained that his old radiator makes very disappointing noises.

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