The only thing i really want right now

I had to go to the hospital recently with our cousin to help him with a ride to apply for a task.

My cousin is a doctor and she has been out of labor for a while.

The hospital in our part was looking for certified doctors to join their team. I was more than glad to help and give her a ride there since her automobile is being repaired at the moment. But what I wanna talk about here has nothing to do with the task our cousin was going for, however while our cousin was getting her task interview I went into the split room where all of the dentists and doctors eat, and it was definitely nice and hot in there! I noticed the heating was coming from the cement floors. It looked love they had got radiant radiant floors for the hospital split room! I had heard about radiant radiant floors before, but never knew anyone that had them to experience it. I have to tell you that after experiencing them in that split room in the hospital, that all I definitely wanna do right now is save up our money and get radiant radiant floors for our bathroom! The radiant floor heating would go perfect in our cement bathroom floors. Because our bathroom definitely gets cold in the winter. It makes it definitely rough trying to take a shower in the day because of how darn cold it is. With the heat coming out of these radiant radiant floors, it would for sure maintenance that problem! By the way, our cousin ended up getting hired. So it was a good day!