The other day our friend Nick told myself and others a frightening story about his gas furnace

The other day, our friend NIck told myself and others a pretty frightening story about his gas furnace system… This happened back while in the winter, but it was frightening nonetheless, he said that 1 day while in the Winter when the people I was with and I were in the middle of a chilly snap, Nick noticed that their heating idea seemed to be stuck in the on position and it would not stop running.

  • He said that they had the control device set at 70 degrees, but it was about 70 degrees inside of their house and yet the gas furnace was still blowing and showing no sign of stopping.

He said that he started to notice a strange burning aroma and finally he went downstairs to the gas furnace room to see if he could figure out what in the world was going on. He said that he couldn’t even believe his eyeah when he got downstairs. He said that their gas furnace system, which was pretty ancient, really seemed to be melting from the inside somehow. He told myself and others that I would have to have seen it to believe it. I believe the gas furnace was about fifty years old, so Nick said that it didn’t truly have the kinds of safety features that most gas furnaces have these mornings. I believe it’s a miracle that the gas furnace lasted as long as it did, and it’s even more of a miracle that the gas furnace didn’t end up burning their house down! I’m cheerful that they were lake house and were able to catch the gas furnace in time before something poor happened, then now, they have a brand new high efficiency gas furnace with lots of safety protocols. I’m cheerful that everything is back to normal now.


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