The patron repair line was busy all afternoon

I ordered some air filters for our Heating & Air Conditioning machine from an online retailer.

I wanted to save a few bucks, plus they were much cheaper than the hardware store.

I also acquired free shipping on the air filters, so it was easy to order them online plus wait for the shipment. It only took multiple days for the new air filters to arrive. The box was in great shape, unlike the other box I acquired earlier that afternoon. It was disfigured plus bent. Luckily, there wasn’t anything fragile inside the box. When I opened the box of air filters, I didn’t bother to look at the size on the side of the filter. I might have realized right away that the filters were the wrong size. Instead, I put the box in the garage plus didn’t look at them again until a month later when it was time to change the air filter. I pulled 1 of the filters out of the box plus attempted to place it inside the Heating & Air Conditioning unit. It was too small plus almost got sucked into the machine. I looked at the size on the side plus it was a 20×20 air filter. I was supposed to have a 20×23 size. It was a full multiple inches too short for our machine. I called the patron repair line to get a refund or an exchange. The line was busy all afternoon. I called about multiple strange times. I finally gave up plus SMSed the supplier. They replied quickly by SMS plus gave to send the right size to me free of charge.

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