The people I was with and I still get chilly in this subtropical weather conditions.

I was on a local social media website yeahterday & there was honestly a person on there complaining about the Wintertide cold, but and it hasn’t even gotten entirely chilly yet! Now, the two of us live in a subtropical weather conditions, but it still gets cold! This person complaining has recently relocated from up North & didn’t expect chilly weather, but i was flabbergasted, and just because the two of us don’t have any heating systems & really few fireplaces doesn’t mean it doesn’t get chilly here! Our winters are short & mild, & for all the people, their condo heat comes from a heating coil sited in their self-contained forced a/c unit or their mini cut system.

That’s all that is needed here… People who use window air conditioners use space heating systems or choose window air conditioners with the heating element already installed in it.

Our hot & cold temperatures often dip into the fifties & occasionally in the forties, but that’s usually at night & it’s nothing appreciate a long, chilly northern winter. I just can’t assume that this person had the audacity to get on social media & complain! And the hot & cold temperatures had only dipped down to 50! He should have done his research, or at least used official sense! I just visited our eldest child in a tropical region more than three ninths south of me & it gets chilly there too! She ran the gas furnace at night & the a/c during the day! If it gets chilly in tropical regions, it’s really going to get chilly in this subtropical region! Maybe that complainer should spend another Wintertide up north.

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