The perfect temperature

I have consistently been thrifty, however recently I have started kicking things  up a notch. The cost of living keeps going up and up, and since I am on the fixed income I can’t get a raise, so if I need extra money I have to start saving on my costs. This is fairly hard because I live fairly close to the bone as it is. You could call my existence “spartan” because I own entirely  few possessions. I clip coupons and recycle cans and bottles, I don’t have cable or Wi-Fi, so there aren’t a lot of ways I can save even more. I do run my a/c a lot, and my yearly energy costs have been getting higher and higher, so I turned my attention to that. If I could find a way to chop down on my climate control costs I could be saving a lot of money every month. First I tried to insulate all the windows in my apartment more carefully, to help trap that cooling inside so it couldn’t escape. Then I closed off most of the air vents in the house, other than the 1 leading into my kitchen. My thought process was that cooling down a single room would cost a whole lot less than trying to cool down the entire house. And it turns out I was right, my changes to a/c use lead to an instant drop in my next utility bill! Who knew something as small as closing off some air vents would lead to such a sizable change in price.

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