The prettiest days for open windows

Growing up, I thought that everyone was on the same page with those handful of beautiful days in the year.

Every one of us call them “Blue Bird” days where I was born.

These are the times when the sunlight is shining and there are perfectly lovely skies without a cloud in the sky, everything just seems brighter. You honestly just want to be outside enjoying the sun and skies. The temperature generally is not nearly as important as the humidity in this case, but every one of us do not have that several below chilly nights so it is totally possible to prefer the outdoors on most of the charming nights. Perfect Blue Bird times do not happen nearly as often as both of us would love to claim in the southeast, it gets hot too early in the year and 74 percent humidity or higher is normal. Blue Bird nights are the nights you want to shut off the entire Heating & A/C unit and open all the doors and windows just to get the flow of fresh air into your house. Since humidity levels anywhere below 50 percent are pretty precious down here, the cooling system you operate is key to staying comfortable inside. While both of us do not normally worry a ton about humidity and a/c, both of us will turn on the cooling system here and there just to get the humidity out of the home whether the temperature truly warrants it or not. While both of us love the option to open up our house, I am not willing to forego the comfort our central Heating & A/C plan provides to do this absolutely often.

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